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Trembath Memorial Scholarship
Jason and Michael Trembath were baseball players at Horizon High School. Jason and Michael were the children of Tim and Mona Trembath. Both players lives were cut premature, but their stories have lived on by their memory as baseball players and positive members of the community. Both brothers' numbers now grace the center field fence at Horizon High School. Jason's #10 and Michael's #23 are constant reminders of the fond memories and good times shared by both on the baseball field.

Through the tragic loss of two incredible young men, many more have been able to grow as a student, athlete and individual because of the opportunity given by Tim and Mona. As some of you are aware, Tim and Mona have supported Horizon Baseball by providing a $1,000.00 Trembath Memorial Scholarship to the team's outstanding senior. They have also supplied the team with jerseys for the past 21 years.

Trembath Memorial Scholarship recipients are:
1993 Chuck Federico
1994 Geoff Abbey
1995 Shawn McClain
1996 Chris Federico
1997 Craig Murphy
1998 Mark Gonzales
1999 Matt Ellsworth
2000 Evan Philippus
2001 Drew Olson
2002 Clay Horstman
2003 Mark Weigert
2004 James Simpson
2005 Craig Schroeder
2006 Eric Cos-Y-leon
2007 Todd Fischbach
2008 Stephen Castiglione
2009 Matt Kessler
2010, Zach Loucks
2011 Scott Alvarez
2012 Hugo Caro Ramos
2013 Kyle Hunter
2014 JT Kretzel
2015 Tyler Moore
2016 Austin Gussman

Coaches of Jason Trembath and Michael Trembath at Horizon were Don Wieland, Duane Redford and Chris Wohlford.

Tim and Mona, we thank you for your strength and good will, along with Jason and Michael you continue to inspire.

2018 Photos Coming Soon

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