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Follow JV Games Live

Monday, March 20, 2017 - JV Parents,

If you cannot make a game, you can still follow the team. Any games that Troy Moehlenpah is at he will score the games and you can follow it. Here is how.

1. Free! Go to and click on the current game. Or go to and enter FFFFFFFDB7 as the team ID. You can follow the game here pitch by pitch for free.


2. Free! Use Twitter (follow TMoehlenpah) and get game updates after each half inning.


3. $4.99 for 3 months. Download the iScore Central app and search for the team Horizon High School JV. Be sure to download the iScore Central app and NOT the iScore scoring app.

Of course all of the above options require Troy to be scoring the game so if for some reason he can't be at the game, there won't be any live game casting. Also, Sprint coverage at Horizon can be pretty spotty so some lagging could occur at our home games.

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